Taylor Swift is now officially a pop artist with upcoming album

by Kevin Kerr
KKAJ News Director

Taylor has been skirting the line between country and pop music for quite some time now. Her last album, "Red" had a mixture of both genres on it, but it showed that the young songstress was beginning to alter her tastes a little more.

Yesterday, she announced her fifth album, "1989" and released a video and single for "Shake It Off" after teasing it for a couple weeks.

And this time... it's officially a pop album.

Swift announced all of her poppy goodness via a live stream on Yahoo and ABC while seated with fans and friends in New York. She took some questions and then began to let everyone who ever talked bad about her have it. So apparently, instead of old foregone boyfriends, this time, Swift is singing about her "haters."

 But if "Shake if Off" is any indication of the rest of the album, it'll still have her normal upbeat, fun feel to it, just without the country element.

The album, "1989," is titled after her birth year. Having been born at the tail end of the '80s, Swift never really got to exper
ience the glory that is the brightly colored, synth-heavy, key-tar loving generation. Her inspirations for this album came from listening to a large library of pop music from the 1980s.

"I really loved the ch
ances they were taking. I loved how bold it was," she told Country Weekly. "It was apparently a time of limitless potential."

"1989" will hit stores in October, but is up for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon or on Taylor's website.
And just for a reference to what her work will sound like from now on
, here's the video for "Shake it Off."