Terri Clark releasing new album funded by her fans

via our friends at Country Music Tattle Tale
Terri Clark’s PledgeMusic campaign to fund her next studio album with fan contributions surpassed its goal in less than a month! In a thank you note to her fans you can hear the excitement about this highly anticipated new album.

via: http://www.terriclark.com

Wow. So we’ve officially hit 100% in less than a month! I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful this feels to know that so many of you want me to make new music and believe in this project so much. It’s so humbling. Thank you!!! We are going to keep pushing this campaign with more exclusives and continue to promote pre-orders beyond the 100%. This will allow us to ensure we’re connecting with and getting the new music to as many people as possible. Please keep on spreading the word to everyone!! Your support means the world.

I had a great time in the studio with Jen and Amy (our studio pledgers) on Monday. I am SUPER excited about the tracks we have cut thus far. I love how organic everything feels, yet so energetic and fresh. I will be working on vocals for the first five songs in mid-March. It’s wonderful working with Michael Knox and having a new producer is bringing something different to the mix.

The photo shoot for the album is happening on Monday with Ivan Otis. We will have Cindy and Dale with us on set who pledged to be in on the action. Looking forward to a productive day! We have a fitting for clothing for the shoot tomorrow.

Next week we do the photo shoot, play The Opry, and do the morning radio show everyday. Going to be busy but fun!!! Looking forward to seeing how far we can take this pledge campaign….You guys have already surpassed all of our expectations (well, maybe not mine). [:)]

Thanks again and see you soon.

The PledgeMusic campaign has given fans the opportunity to interact directly with Clark and follow every step of the process of making an album. Clark has been sending updates to fans with weekly photos, videos, and blog posts.  Fans can continue to pre-order the album and claim the other exclusives all the way through the Fall release of the album. To pledge support for Terri Clark’s new album go to: pledge.terriclark.com.