Urban pens plea for historic downtown preservation in Nashville paper

via CMT News
Keith Urban has written an editorial advocating the historic preservation of country music landmarks.

With the headline "Keep Music Row's Past for the Future," his 368-word plea appeared Friday (Aug. 1) in the opinion section of The Tennessean, Nashville's daily newspaper.

It sounds like Urban is who he is because of the Nashville neighborhood that houses so many of the record labels, recording studios and publishing houses.

The area near downtown Nashville is currently under threat from developers, explains Urban. And while he's obviously smart enough to understand that they may want to take that part of town to some kind of next level, he's hoping there can be a balance between the rich history and whatever tomorrow will bring.

"Nashville has exploded as a music town, and not just country music," he said. "Musicians from all genres, all over the world are making the pilgrimage here to immerse themselves in the kind of creative center that so many other cities have lost but that Nashville still maintains."

That is all the good news. But then Urban gets to the bad news of what he's afraid will happen if that explosion turns Music Row into something it isn't.

"Nashville's growth is exciting, but not at the risk of losing the creative epicenter that is Music Row and that truly makes Nashville Music City," Urban write. "I sincerely hope that those who have made Nashville their home over the years, and those who have recently discovered our fair city, will come together as a united front and continue to be vocal about preserving and fortifying our beloved Music Row."

You can read his full column by clicking HERE.