Willie Nelson, Neil Young holding concert to draw support on stopping Keystone LX Pipeline in Nebraska

Many see the Keystone Pipeline project as something that would greatly impact the job market and economy in a positive way in the U.S., but there is some resistance to building the line from Houston to Canada, notably across the historic Ponca Tribe "Trail of Tears."

Neil Young and Willie Nelson hope to sway some support by holding the "Harvest the Hope concert, which will benefit Bold Nebraska, the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Cowboy & Indian Alliance, to help fund the ongoing fight against the pipeline, as well as a number of small, community-based clean energy projects on farms and tribal lands.

The afternoon concert will be in a field in Nebraska owned by a family that refuses to sell to TransCanada for the Keystone WL pipeline. A sacred tribal ceremony will also be included in the day's events.

Other artists will include Frank Waln, Willie's son Lukas Nelson, and the "Stopping the Pipeline Rocks All-Stars," some of the local Nebraska artists who recorded a benefit album.

Details on the concert can be found at this site.