The KKAJ Request Line: (580) 226-2277

Business Line: (580) 226-0421

Fax Line: (580) 26-0464


Programming Comments: Email our  Program Director

Advertising Sales Questions: Email our Sales Director

Website Questions/Comments: Email our Web Person

Our Public File:

Persons with disabilities may contact our General Manager

Our sister stations:
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Location: 1205 Northglen, Ardmore, OK 73401


  1. Larry

    Is there a different number now than the 226-2277 number to ask the DJ a question about something he or she said. Once in a great while, I hear something I’d like more information on but I can never get anyone to answer the phone at that number. It results in a waste of time and energy and the question is never answered.

    1. kevinkerr

      No. Unfortunately, we’ve been having some recent phone issues due to a new system being installed. The number is still (580) 226-2277. You can also reach us on our office line at (580) 226-0421, and ask for our Program Director, Steve Kelly.
      Apologies for the inconvenience.

    1. kevinkerr

      We have posted all entries at this time. Voting will commence for our top 5 today at noon. Apologies on the delayed response.

  2. Carlee Albrecht

    Why can’t someone 15 years old enter in the big buck competition? Is there anyway if you have a licensed parent that you can enter?

  3. Jordan Scott

    Hi, every time I try and call the Kkaj number it won’t ring. It will say I’m connected but it’s not going through. Is there a way to fix it? It’s only with the 580-226-2277 number.

    1. kevinkerr

      We are unfortunately still working out some kinks in our new phone system. Please be patient with us.
      Thank you.

    1. kevinkerr

      Unfortunately we don’t have those recordings anymore. We are working on creating a database for what we have, but those recordings and broadcasts are long gone sadly.


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