Travis Tritt to narrate Walt Disney biopic

Travis Tritt will serve as narrator of As Dreamers Do, an independent biopic film based on the life of Walt Disney. Set for release this spring, a trailer for the film, which includes a clip of Travis’ narration, is available at

“When I first read through the script in my head, it was in the voice of Travis Tritt,” the film’s direction, Logan Sekulow, said. “I grew up listening to him and I’m a big fan. This role needed someone who could be warm and that the audience could trust. I was thrilled when I heard that he wanted to do it. As a director, it is great to see the vision you have play out on film exactly how it did in your head.”

Travis has also written a song for the movie titled “That’s What Dreamers Do.” Disney animator Tom Bancroft, who is credited for creating Simba in the Lion King, Mushu in Mulan, Pocahontas, Iago in Aladdin and worked on countless other Disney pictures, has signed on to create character drawings for the opening credit sequence.

The cast also includes YouTube star Olan Rogers as Walt Disney, Tyler Hayes as Walt’s mother Flora and Mark Stuart as Walt’s dad, Elias.