Merely Nearly (not so impossible) Trivia

Listen in each weekday morning at 9:20 a.m. for your chance to win a free lunch from Ernie's Old Fashion Meat Market and Deli with Merely Nearly (not so impossible) Trivia.

Even if you don't win, visit Ernie's on 410 S Washington or call (580) 226-3686 for some great lunch specials.

Ernie's Meat Market and Deli Daily Lunch Specials are:

Monday - Sliced brisket sandwich, chips, and a soda $7.49

Tuesday - Steak Sandwich, chips, soda $6.39

Wednesday - Chopped Beef Sandwich, chips, soda $5.99

Thursday - Steak Finger Snack Pack, potato wedges, soda $5.09

Friday - Rib dinner with soda $7.99

Ernie's Old Fashioned Meat Market & Deli.
If you don't know your meat, at least know your butcher.