We're saying 'I Do' with Drankmore

These people are saying 'I Do' with Drankmore on April 12!

Read their stories and why this was the perfect thing for them!

Following the wedding, Drankmore will put on a show to end all shows as part of our Wedding in the Arbuckles! Click
HERE for ticket details!

James and Dannyelle Marshall

We met when we were both 15!

We had 2 little boys very early and made it on very little money for a long time.

We are still together almost 10 years later.

We never have had the money for a wedding... but would love one!

We would love to renew our vows!

He is my everything and I would just love to let him know that (:

Thank you KKAJ and Drankmore!

Jeff and Sabrina Davis

My husband and I have been married for 7 yrs but are both combat veterans and never had the chance for a real wedding due to deployments.

We met in Iraq during our employment with the U.S. Army.

We have tried to plan a time to renew our vows but things never seemed to work out where we could. We have had a lot of ups and downs in the past 7 yrs but have pulled through it all together.

Rachelle and Tom

I met Tom when he came into my job.

Hhe flirted with me, we started, dating, then got engaged on February 26th!

Tim Grundy and Sonya Hills

Tim and I have been dating for 8 years, he finally proposed in November,on my birthday.

He was old school and ask my dad for permission, it was so sweet.

We have been trying to decide what kind of wedding to have, then we heard this on the radio and agreed this is so us, we both love music of all genre's and both love this song.

This has now became our dream wedding!


Brent and Tori Smith

My husband and I met 2 in a half yrs ago, he saw me walking into a bar on a date.

As he was leaving, he called the bartender and asked to talk to the pretty blonde that just walked in.

I then said hello to the man I knew I would marry. (LOL)

He told me his truck was bigger than the dude I was with and he didn't want me falling in love with the wrong guy. Thought he was so funny, I took his number and called him the next day. We've been inseparable since.

A year later I became pregnant with our now 7-month-old, beautiful son.

We had a shot gun wedding May 3rd, 2013, but always planned on renewing our vows when my belly was slightly smaller. (LOL)

We are the perfect couple for this!

Cameron and Shawna Lacy

We want to renew our vows because our wedding was pushed aside.

I never got to wear my dressor have wedding pictures.

I and my husband want to have a do-over, it would be an honor to do it woth y'all.

Andrew and Chelle Soto

We meet on April 15th 2006.

I asked him if he danced at closing time at Ten Buck Two.

I knew the minute the lights came on I was going to marry this man. Long story short he asked me to marry him in November the same year.

I wanted to get married in April the following year, but he insisted we get married in February.

It would be the best thing ever if we could actually renew our vows so close to the day we meet eight years later because we have been dancing together to songs like I do ever since.

The first time he heard this song he called me and said, "this is us, because you were with your friends and I was alone, and you asked me if I wanted to dance."

Roy and Miecia Davenport

On June 1st, 1984, I married the most wonderful woman in the world.

She has literally been my saving grace.

She always knows how to make my heart skip a beat and I couldn't imagine my life without her.

It's been 30 years, and I would love to make this the year to renew our vows and let her know she is the best thing that ever happened to me.

And I could not think of a louder way to say it than with Drankmore.

You guys are awesome.


Terri Grauel and George Robinson

I went on my first motorcycle ride, not looking for a man, but just to have fun.

We looked at each other and fell for each other.

It's been 4 months with him, no arguments, just laughter and no regrets.

It was his blue eyes and smile that got me, but its his big heart and kindness towards myself and kids that wants him forever.

We're getting married and would have done it in June, but April sounds good too.

Either way I'll be Mrs. Robinson soon and have that song on our day.

Larry (Byrd) and Sheila Latimer

We've basically been together for 18 years, but have been married to other people and have children by other marriages. But we always knew it was going to be the two of us in the end.

She's the first person I've ever loved and those feelings kind of scared me since I've never felt that way about someone before.

But one day, I just said "I can't do this," and we both got divorced and got back together.

We tried to save up money to get married, but with a big family, it's very difficult.

When we went down to get our license, we found out you could just have it done right then and there, so we did. But we never got to have our big ceremony.

This will be wonderful for us. We'll bring some people, she'll wear her dress, I'll wear what I have picked out, take the pictures, the whole package, and we'll have the concert afterward.

She keeps talking about it, she's excited.

J.D. Perkins and Tabatha Arthur

Me and the love of my life would like to get married, but don't have the money.

We've known each other for a long time and she's my best friend. She tried to talk me into going to the courthouse, but she deserves more than that.


Ashley and Levi

We've been together for four years and he's the love of my life and best friend.

We've been engageed since last Valentine's Day and we've been planning to get married, but the money has set us back.

This is the perfect opportunity to get married

Deena and Tom

We became engaged at Christmas time in 2003 and planned on a simple outdoor country wedding that coming summer.

I was going through custody drama involving my son at the time and had an upcoming court date. At a lawyer appointment on March 29, 2004 I was advised by my lawyer to get married as soon as possible to increase my favor with the court since we were already living together yet still unmarried.

So that very day my fiancé Tom just happened to be off work and we decided to go to the downtown to the OKC courthouse to get information about getting legally married before court and still having the wedding later. Once we got to the courthouse and saw how quick and easy it would be to do it right then my fiancé wanted to get it done. So we did.

We were the last couple of the day and didn’t even have enough cash on us to pay for the room with flowers and candles and a photo.

I was sad that we were not having any sentimental elements of ceremony to commemorate our vows. Sensing my disappointed, yet knowing this was the best choice given our predicament Tom kept telling me we would have all those sentimental things later at our wedding.

That was ten years ago and that wedding never happened.

Life just got in the way of my simple country wedding dreams. I told Tom several years into the marriage that I wanted us to renew our vows in a special way for our 10th anniversary. 

We celebrated our 10th anniversary this year on March 29 with dinner, but no vow renewal.

Then I heard a radio commercial about the KKAJ Wedding in the Arbuckles event. I was so excited. For us to be able to stand with all these other couples and renew our vows is such a special opportunity.

We can’t wait to participate in such an amazing event. Maybe we will make it a ritual to renew our vows every 10 years.

Deena Lemons