Cassadee Pope has post-Voice advice for Jake Worthington

Cassadee Pope is no stranger to The Voice, which wrapped up Tuesday night on NBC. But what she wasn't accustomed to seeing was Blake Shelton on the losing end of things.

Blake and his lone competitor in the finals, Jake Worthington, ended up in the second spot behind New Voice champion Josh Kaufman, and first time coach winner Usher. It also marked the first time neither Blake nor Adam Levine won the TV competition.

But Pope said she still sees big things coming for the duo known as "Blake & Jake," and she would know, since she was once on his team.

As one of the show's winners a few seasons ago, Pope says she is a little disappointed on the rare occasions Shelton isn't the winning mentor.

"I'm always bummed if Blake doesn't take it home," she told CMT. "But I am happy for Team Usher. And (winner Josh Kaufman) is very talented. I'm sure it stings a little bit, but the guy's got a lot going on."

On the other hand, Pope said not to be surprised if Shelton takes a more aggressive approach as a judge and mentor on the next round of The Voice.

"I'm sure this loss will just add fuel to his fire for next season," she said. "He's the kind of guy that fights fire with fire. So we'll see. He'll probably go in guns hot next season."

So what does she think is next in store for the duo?

"I would say that this is when the real works starts," she said. "As hard as you think The Voice is -- with the grueling schedule and the lack of sleep -- it's gonna be twice as difficult once you get out because you need to work twice as hard.

"I would suggest going on a country radio tour. They really appreciate when you actually go to their radio station and perform in their conference room, as awkward as that can be sometimes. Just get your hands dirty. It'll be worth it."

Worthington wo
n over the coaches and the country by coming BACK this season after being turned away last year. He said in later interviews that it was Blake's advice from his first try that really got him revved and ready for this season.

 He also took a path that very few of the show's country contestants traveled down, tackeling classic country tunes for the most part with some "countrified" versions of some classic rock tracks.

Good luck to Jake Worthington. It was amazing to watch his journey on the show. Hopefully we'll hear him on the radio soon with some fresh stuff. Just so you can see, and HEAR how much he's grown, we've put together a video (Coming soon) of his first performance on the show, ending with his produced version on the finale Tuesday night.