Lambert receives praise for recent weight loss, song writing

Miranda Lambert is turning heads lately with her music and her figure.  The Automatic singer has worked hard to lose weight and fans are definitely noticing.

She made it look easy but her success was hard fought.  And she didn’t have a plan either.

The ‘Automatic’ hitmaker admits that the pounds didn’t leave automatically; she had to really work to shed them — which she did to tunes of the one and only Spears! Lambert tells Women’s Health magazine that she finds inspiration during her workouts by listening to Spears and picturing her sleek, toned body.

“Like if I put on Britney, I can picture Britney’s body and I’m like, ‘Oh! Faster!’” the star shares.

Country newcomer (and Britney’s younger sister) Jamie Lynn Spears made sure her older sister saw the article in Woman’s Health magazine.  The Pop Princess was not shy in responding in kind.  She responded on Instagram:

But that’s not all. Miranda is also getting praise for her music from a surprise source.

Earlier this month, Lambert released her latest album, Platinum.  Among the tracks is a song called Priscilla (as in the ex wife of Elvis Presley).  Lo and behold the Country queen got a surprise on Instagram from Rock N’ Roll royalty recently.

Miranda recently spoke of the song to Rolling Stone:

“I would never compare Blake and I to Priscilla and Elvis but I think the way they wrote this song, you have to address it. The tabloids, and all the stuff that is thrown in our faces and thrown our way, as both successful artists on our own, and then you put us together, and we’re a married couple, so that has a lot of pull on us. I feel like it’s got to be talked about, because [the rumors] are there, it’s floating around, and people know.

“It’s just part of the business,” she added. “It’s a new thing, but it’s part of our life now. And this song is a really fun way to deal with it.”

But Miranda isn’t resting on any laurels.  She released her new music video Something Bad (which features Carrie Underwood) earlier this week.  In addition her tour cranks back up in a few weeks with stops in Ohio, Alabama, Iowa, Arkansas, and more.